Over 10 years of Electrical Servicing in Melbourne

AE has been providing electrical services for more than 10 years to some of Australia’s leading organisations. We commonly service the following industries

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Construction

  • Education

  • Body corporate

  • Government

Our success lies in our ability to create the most cost effective and comprehensive solutions. Our consultation process details your residential, commercial or Industrial needs in partnership with a detailed OH&S compliant program that work around the operation needs of your home, business or organisation.

Unlike others, AE understands the impact these services can impose and as such offers service delivery programs 24/7.

Our personel are all AGrade licensed, professional and sensitive to the environments they need to work in.

Meet Michael

Michael Aloisi

Aspire Electrical Manager

Michael has a long history of electrician work across Victoria.
His work has spanned across major business and organisational sectors. The quality and effort put into his service projects
are excellent.