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Green Movement has been proclaiming the importance of energy conservation from a long period of time. As the population and Industrial expansion growing continually, results in unusual shortage of energy and simultaneously put a significant hike in the price of energy. Energy issue becomes the global sustainability discourse. While energy and cost is one issue, there is an immediate need to address the environmental impact of consumption and industrialization more importantly. But the question arises here is :

What can we do to conserve energy? From where, we should start? 

As Industrial and residential sectors account almost for all the energy consumption and our country waste more energy as comparison to others. Australia has energy efficient score of just 42 percent; which means 58 percent of all energy goes to the account of waste. While waiting for the alternative source which is more affordable and energy efficient, we can do some self-makes change to save energy.  So, it’s time to pay some attention to such issues which not only serves energy conservation deal for our future but also effects on cost factor of our electricity bills, positively a lot. Here are some suggested tips from our expert electrician in taylor hills, australia which you can opt to save your money by making around more energy efficient :

  • Let’s Begin with a Simple Change; Switch out your old light bulbs with the fluorescent and led types. They cost more than this old one, but they do last longer up to 3 years and more and consume less energy. Its lighting factor is much more as compared to the traditional bulbs and depends on the numbers of watt you are opting for. They commonly serve 5 WT to 50 + WT. Switch to fluorescent bulb and shortly you will notice a drastic decrease in your electric bill and definitely worth the investment.
  • Swapping the Inefficient Appliances: Focus on the electrical appliance which does not work properly with its maximum capacity because it will result in lesser performance and higher electricity bills.
  • Try to change with new technology savvy appliances that not only look great but also work efficiently. Must ensure you are choosing the energy saving appliances like energy saving windows and other for home or for industrial purposes, it relatively consumes less energy than the normal one. Yes, it may cost even thousand up, but the usage of these gadgets will run you investment long and worth.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of appliances keep them in good shape and thereby performing better for a long period of time and also consume lesser energy. So, make sure your appliances must be kept clean and tidy.

  • Make sure you turn off the lights and appliances when they are of no use. Even during the sunny and normal days, you really don’t need lights at all. Just lift up the shades of your window and let the sun do its job!
  • Try to dry your clothes naturally instead of dryers, when the weather is appropriate to the condition. It’s not only made a radical change by $150 per year in your electricity bills but also let your clothes amazing naturally fresh and germs free. If you wash clothes in cold water will also save an additional $150 per year, because hot water heating is about 1/3 of your energy bill in winter months.
  • Industrial sector such as construction, mining, manufacturing, agriculture all accounts for nearly one-third of the energy usage. Only the manufacturing units are spending $200 billion every year to power facilities and waste nearly 30 percent of that energy through leaky air compressors, inefficient equipment’s, lack of timely maintenance. This all leads to unnecessary energy costs. These are some tips which can benefit all branches of industries:
    1. Ensure to Conduct an energy audit by half year or yearly
    2. Make an Energy management team, they offer recommendations on energy efficiency upgrades which in turn bring the best return on investment.
    3. Strategically schedule machinery usage
    4. Optimize air compressor
    5. Timely maintenance & up gradation of heavy duty machinery

By opting these energy efficient drives 70 % of energy saving is possible, especially in areas requiring large energy consumption.

  • Replacement of wiring system: Old wiring whether in residencies or in industries will lead to run up your electric bills more fastly and even can cause fire hazards. Old circuit breakers & fuses may not be sufficient to handle modern family and industrial electrical draws. If your electrical system is old than a decade, then it’s a good idea to inspect the whole system and upgrade into the new one according to the codes by hiring a licensed electrician in Taylor hills.
  • Annual checkup: Qualified technician should be called for an annual checkup. It will help in reducing the operating costs of the appliance and extend the life of the appliance by 20%, and also ensure the safety and quality.
  • We all need to take an initiative, by making a change for our future, for our environment and more importantly for the generations coming up. Whether you are an expert or new to energy, these exhaustive electrical saving strategies will help in energy conservation as well as saving money on your Electric Bills. Implement them and start seeing the saving on your next bill.


Save Energy! Save Money!


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