Lighting up your business? here are the ASPECTS to consider

As a business owner, one thing you constantly worry about is how you can always get the best out of your staff members every day. One thing that guarantees the efficiency of staff members is how well they see and how convenient the working environment is for them. These things make the job or task at hand easier to carry out. There is no denying that office lighting contributes greatly to how well the work environment is illuminated and how convenient the working environment is.

In addition, it helps improve your reputation as well, because aesthetically-designed and pleasant-looking interior spaces will impress your clients and visitors. Lighting is one of the key aspects of interior design and it’s important to focus on certain business lighting solutions such as the ones mentioned below:


Save for the photographers that print out hard copies in dark rooms, almost certainly no one enjoys sitting in a dark place all day, not to mention working. Darkness reduces the level of enthusiasm of employees and this is dangerous for any business. If your building doesn’t already have a lighting design then you should contact a professional electrical engineer or to save costs contact cheap electricians in Melbourne who are equally good with lighting projects.

If your building has an existing design there are ways to check if such design put in place is satisfactory. One way of doing that is to look round the interior of your building with all the lights on and check for dark spots or dimly lit spots or rooms with uneven distribution of light. These spots are usually visible to the eye. If you find an unacceptable amount of such spots, then a redesign is needed.

When it comes to ensuring that you have a well-illuminated office/commercial space, you should use the layered lighting concept. This means you start with ambient lighting in which you install recessed lights in the ceiling. The light bounces off of the ceiling and lends the area indirect yet bright and clear light. The next thing you need to add are spotlights along walls and hallways and these should be installed at equal intervals; this lends a sense of symmetry to the space and doesn’t leave dark spots in any area.


If you own a business such as a restaurant or a pub then you should be aware that your business relies heavily on outdoor foot traffic even after dark, making outdoor lighting as important as indoor illumination.

In addition to making your business look appealing especially at night, outdoor lighting contributes to the security of your business and customers. Installing overhead lights and spot lights can make all the paths to your business clearly visible and safer for everyone.


A power outage is not an uncommon mishap and can happen due to a number of reasons. Whatever those reasons may be, your business doesn’t have to go dark or shut down completely when this occurs. The only way to stay lit up when there’s an outage is when a backup energy source is installed. This should be an important consideration for any business.

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