Construction Services

Thermal imaging cameras provide a non intrusive process of measuring the temperature of items, for the purpose of determining if heat stress may cause equipment failure. The electrical complexity of today’s work environment can create stress on electrical infrastructure resulting in heat being generated potentially causing fire or explosions.  Our specialist service is provided using industry leading fully calibrated equipment that provides instantaneous temperature measurements without effecting the operation of equipment or work site.

Preventative Maintenance

 Overheating & overloading of cables, fuses and control equipment / High resistances within switchgear and control equipment / Arcing or loose connections / Operational temperature of plant or machinery – pumps, motors compressors etc / Power & phase imbalances / Insurance compliance.

Added Commercial Services

Dedicated Power Circuits / Phone & Data / Floor Boxes / Skirting Duct / Workstation / Fault Finding / Installation of Electrical Equipment / Test & Tag / Meter Upgrades / Refurbishments / Shop Fitouts/ New Building 

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does an Inspection and Quote cost?

    Inspection and Quote begins at $00.

    Do you service all Melbourne areas and suburbs?

    Aspire Electrical services all Melbourne areas and suburbs.

    Are we able to call about specific prices on certain jobs

    Yes, please do call for more information on pricing and your electrical job.