When to call Professional Electricians for your commercial building?

Electricity is arguably the most useful discovery of man. Every atom of the modern way of living has electricity written all over it. Our entertainment, commutation, health, communication even the toilet systems have all been touched by the holy hands of electricity and left better than they were before the touch.

You wouldn’t be reading this… hey, this wouldn’t have been written in the first place if it wasn’t for electricity. The list of devices that depend on this force is ever growing and almost endless. Its usefulness, as well as the danger that comes with using it, cannot be over emphasized.

Because of the danger associated with using electrical and electronic appliances, people have been trained with the skill set needed to make its use safe and enjoyable by the rest of the human population. These guys install the necessary appliances in the buildings while incorporating the safety measures and safety devices so that the people who would use the building will not be at risk. These installations and repairs are categorized according to the functions of the building and each categorical installation requires a slightly different approach. The categories may be namely commercial installation, educational installation, residential, industrial, corporate etc.

Commercial installation as you can rightfully guess has to do with the electrical wiring of commercial buildings such as restaurants, shops, offices and other businesses including the setup and maintenance of the electrical equipment needed in such buildings. Commercial and residential wiring differ completely due to differences in load demands, equipment setup and energy needs. They also differ in terms of classes of materials used and procedures. Most residential wirings are usually completely insulated with sheaths in order to prevent residents from getting shocked due to touch. These wires are usually hidden from view in walls and crawl spaces.

In commercial wiring, the wires are placed in conduits which are made visible on the ceiling rafters for easy access during servicing. A more technical difference would be the fact that residential wirings are a single phase for small loads and two phases for big loads like driers, refrigerators and air conditioners, while commercial wiring is run three-phased.

Like humans, electrical wiring and installations get sick and start to develop symptoms of breaking down. Downtime is an economic loss for a commercial build and should, therefore, be avoided. In order to avoid such breakdowns, you have to be able to recognize the symptoms and signs exhibited by electrical appliances when they are about to lead to bigger problems. These signs include but are not limited to the following;

  • Your electrical panel breakers constantly trip (flip off)
  • The same light bulb keeps burning out over and over again, no matter what you try
  • Your appliances don’t work or are overheating
  • One or more of your electrical outlets doesn’t work
  • You have noticed exposed electrical wiring in one or more of the rooms in your building
  • You aren’t sure of the last time you had an electrical inspection or your wiring was last updated.

If any or a combination of these occur then it’s time for you to get a cheap electrician. Cheap in the sense of the high-quality service rendered compared to cost. This is what we offer at Aspire Electrical Melbourne. We have highly qualified electricians with years of experience ready to give you the specific solution to your building’s electrical problems. Quality electricians ready to serve you in Melton, Plumpton, Caroline springs and the entire western suburb of Melbourne.

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